I must say I’m lucky to have a friend like this woman.. I don’t think she realizes what a good, amazing, true, fun, honest woman she is so I thought I would remind her (and if she ever doubts it, she could always go back to this post, read it and be reminded).

We have so much in common (we were probably sisters in earlier life). We are both mothers of a single child, been a single parent, spent our younger years in the southern part of the USA, work as instructors, work for the same company, have a passion for creating and .. the funniest (strange, but true) is our L1-L5! We both have heavy degeneration!
Sorry for laughing but seriously having the same (shitty) L1-L5 – is that even possible??!!

She’s gonna have surgery this Thursday – and I’m so right next to her that whole time (she might even be able to feel my L1-L5 – which I don’t hope!)
I’m gonna be there to visit her on Friday and make her show me what a ”Core Whore” she is ! hahaha…

If there is anything about the abs or the core that she does not know… hell, it’s not worth knowing actually..!

She’s gives so much of herself to everyone that she meets on a daily.. I dont know how she does but If I can be only 10% of the beautiful mother and friend she is – I’m more than satisfied!

Laura, my sister and best friend – I love you!


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