Felt like thiefs

Me and Moa felt like two thiefs when we were sawing off the chain to my bike (since I hade lost the key we had no choice!)

We took the bike up to Sats Landala where they have the ”stuff” (a real (thief) saw.. lol..) and we did it. It took a while, some sweat and some arm muscles but we got it off!
After this little incident we both came to terms with that we are not gonna do this for a living but continue working as personal trainers (and that I need to keep track of my keys!)

Here is Moa with her new (my old) Nishiki 🙂

This is the kind of lock we were dealing with!! 

My sanctuary

Now that I have sold my bike I have more space to hang up some photos .. lol (no the bike was not hangning on my wall) 😉
I don’t have any photos I’ve shot myself on the walls (as soon as I look at them I will wanna start to work on them again…) 🙂
Well I’m gonna give these 4 shots a try. These are pictures that are personal to me. They’re taken at a place I go where I just feel so good..the bridge you see is my bridge (or at least it’s what I wanna believe), and I’m also attached to water so they have everything that’s important to me.
My sanctuary….

I don’t know where to put em yet, but at least they live in a frame (which is a start).

Have a great one – now it’s time for me to work on some choreography 🙂


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